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In India, I can think of below options:- 1. EPF (Employee Provident Fund) 2. PPF ( Public Provident Fund) 3. Post Office Saving Schemes 4. Fixed Deposits 5.

What are the best investment options in India? - Quora Aug 28, 2018 · A lot of people ask me: “I want to buy a car in next 1 year, where can I invest my money for 1 year?” “I want to save Rs 2 lakh for emergency like medical expenses, where can I keep my money?” “I just want the best option to invest my money where Property Prices Comparison Between Mumbai, India And Delhi ... Rent Per Month Mumbai Delhi Difference; Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre: 44,817.31 ₹ 16,862.75 ₹ -62.37 %: Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre

Outward flows represent transactions that increase the investment that investors in the reporting economy have in enterprises in a foreign economy, such as 

Equitymaster is your trusted guide for value investing in India. A leading independent equity research initiative, Equitymaster is the destination for honest views  23 Jan 2020 Best Investment Plan With High Returns in India 2020. #1. Investment In Equities. If you ask me, where to invest in India for maximum returns, I  6 Mar 2020 Private equity or venture capital, hedge funds, real property, commodities, and tangible assets are all examples of alternative investments. Most  Best Tax Saving FD In India 2020. Tax-saving FD allows you to make an investment to save tax under section 80C of the Income Tax Act. The minimum tenure 

Invest India is the National Investment Promotion and Facilitation Agency that helps investors looking for investment opportunities and options in India.

Sep 30, 2015 · India Has Overtaken the U.S. and China to Top Spot in a Key World Foreign Investment Table India Has Overtaken the U.S. and China to Top Spot in a Key World Foreign Investment …

Gold ETFs are passive investment instruments that are based on gold prices and invest in gold bullion. Because of its direct gold pricing, there is a complete 

How does Indian investment in Africa compare with China’s? According to the latest World Investment Report published by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), China’s total FDI in Africa is much more than India’s. Foreign direct investment in India - Wikipedia Foreign direct investment (FDI) in India is a major monetary source for economic development in India. Foreign companies invest directly in fast growing private Indian businesses to take benefits of cheaper wages and changing business environment of India.

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International Comparison of India’s Services Sector (With ... In this article we will discuss about the International comparison of India’s services sector. GDP from Services Sector: An international Comparison: The performance of the services sector in India is very much comparable with that of some of the top developed countries of the world. India Tops Foreign Investment Ranking Ahead of U.S and ... Sep 30, 2015 · India Has Overtaken the U.S. and China to Top Spot in a Key World Foreign Investment Table India Has Overtaken the U.S. and China to Top Spot in a Key World Foreign Investment … Comparison of Top Stock Brokers in India-2020 Comparison of Top Stock Brokers in India-2020. is an effort to build a one strong platform where you can analyze and assess some of the best brokerage houses In India and choose the right one for you.. This page gives you a bird eye view of all the major stock brokers in India in terms of brokerage/pricing, fees and other charges, account features, investment products

Economics Report: Compare and Contrast India vs. Brazil Aug 27, 2019 · India, a land of diversity and interesting opportunities, remains high on the list of investment destinations by international investors and businesses. It is the world's largest democracy and boasts a vibrant economy in many areas including technology and the service sector. India Foreign Direct Investment [1990 - 2020] [Data & Charts] India's Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) increased by 13.2 USD bn in Dec 2019, compared with an increase of 10.4 USD bn in the previous quarter. India's Foreign Direct Investment: USD mn net flows data is updated quarterly, available from Jun 1990 to Dec 2019. The data reached an all-time high of 17.2 USD bn in Jun 2019 and a record low of 7.0 USD mn in Jun 1991. International Comparison of India’s Services Sector (With ...